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How to Upgrade to a Newer Version of SOLIDWORKS

With the latest buzz about new versions of SOLIDWORKS, it’s easy to get confused about some of the basics when it comes to upgrading. For instance, technically "upgrading" refers to moving major versions like 2014 to 2015, while "updating" refers to service pack changes.

To avoid any possible interference between major versions, we recommend uninstalling the current version completely. Then you can install a fresh cut of the new version. Keep in mind that a back-up of any current customizations or options is a must as these could be overwritten. With that mind, let's get started.


Will MBD Change Manufacturing Forever?

SolidWorks MBD will be released during Q1 of 2015 – more than likely during the SolidWorks World Conference which takes place in Phoenix from February 8 – 11.

SolidWorks Model Based Definition is an integrated drawing-less manufacturing solution for SolidWorks. It helps companies define, organize, and publish 3D Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), including 3D model data in industry-standard file formats. Unlike traditional 2D drawings, SolidWorks MBD guides the manufacturing process directly in 3D, which streamlines production, cuts cycle time, reduces errors, and helps compliance with industry standards.


Recent SOLIDWORKS 2015 Event Inspires Nebraska Users

Few things seem to mesh better than a conference for engineers and designers hosted at an air and space museum. Enter SAS, the Strategic Air and Space museum near Omaha, NE. Recently we hosted an event there that brought together people from a multitude of industries to unveil the new features of Dassault’s latest SOLIDWORKS release. Covering everything from weldment and sheet metal updates to some brand new pattern features, we sought to gauge some of the response from all of the well experienced users. So here it is:


Tips for Modeling Productivity and Troubleshooting Files in SOLIDWORKS

One of the great things about a CAD community like SOLIDWORKS is the amount of resources available for learning and skill building. At a recent SOLIDWORKS Workshop event in St. Cloud, MN we covered things like user productivity tips for streamlining modeling and troubleshooting certain rare file scenarios. Here are some of the tips we covered.


Top 3 Features at SOLIDWORKS 2015 Workshop

As SOLIDWORKS' latest version launches some may be wondering, what should I know? We had the chance to meet with some users recently at an Alignex event in St. Cloud, MN where we showed some of the new features and witnessed the reception they got at our event. Here are three of the top new features we covered:



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