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Previously, Alignex Mechanical Division separated their Blog postings into Technical and Marketing related content.  The articles in this section are legacy Marketing articles that still hold some value.  But since the Spring of 2010, all Mechanical Blog articles have been posted to a single Blog for Alignex.

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SolidWorks Design Software on the Discovery Channel by Mike Bailey


I'm a huge Discovery Channel fan. From Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs and Build it Bigger to How It's Made and Extreme Engineering, there is always something on that network related to how our world works and the people who are making it a better place. In 2005, Orange County Choppers discussed how they use SolidWorks to create and build parts for their custom bikes. They even made a SolidWorks bike (shown).
I saw that bike and the bike they made for HP at SolidWorks World last winter in San Diego and both were sights to behold and very popular with the visitors at the Product Showcase where they were displayed. They will probably both be on display again at SolidWorks World 2009 next February in Orlando, Florida. Click here for more information about how to attend.

Now, there is new show I'm excited about on Discovery Channel called, Prototype This! Each week a group of engineers takes on the task of designing and creating a machine to tackle a theme problem for the show. Last week, they added a hydraulic lifting system with Omni-directional wheels to a mid-sized truck to allow it to park itself in tight spaces and even hoist itself over another parked car when no spaces were available. (See Photo)
These guys are very ambitious and come up with really creative solutions for the problem they are attempting to solve. The reason I bring them up, if you haven't already guessed, is that they use SolidWorks for design and custom fabrication projects. They have a great video on their website that describes how SolidWorks fits into their process. (From the Link, go to the Design Room for the video on SolidWorks.) Watch the show Wednesdays at 9PM Central. This week, they attempt to make a Six-Legged All-Terrain Vehicle.

At Alignex, we're always excited to see what our customers are making with the software and support we provide. We really feel like we're contributing, in our own way, to making our world better. If you have a cool product you'd like to share with us, we would be happy to showcase it on our website and let you tell the story of how it developed and what role SolidWorks and/or Alignex helped make it happen. Contact me directly or tell your Sales or Support representatives about your interest.

Mike Bailey
Marketing Manager
Alignex, Inc.


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