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6 SOLIDWORKS Composer Features You Need to Learn

The Alignex Team on January 4, 2018 at 11:30 AM


You’re already convinced that SOLIDWORKS Composer streamlines your production process. Next you need to learn the key features that will use your existing 3D CAD data to make high quality illustrations, photorealistic images, BOMs and interactive animations. Check out these six short video tutorials and see how to use the most popular features in SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Bills of Materials

SOLIDWORKS Composer shrinks the time it takes to create a BOM.  The BOM Workshop feature allows you to label your pieces by name, by description, by shape and more. Once they’ve been labeled, creating a BOM is just a click away. The workshop even includes a Callout tool, which will automatically label your pieces with their BOM ID, making the connection between the table and the assembly even clearer.

Exploded Views

One of the major benefits of SOLIDWORKS Composer is the ability to manipulate your assembly while leaving the original assembly file completely intact. Use the exploded view and translate tools to create insightful new views of your assemblies without having to edit the original file.

Technical Illustrations

Learn how to use the Workshops feature in SOLIDWORKS Composer to modify and supplement your technical drawings. You can make vector files that can be scaled to any size, as well as add shadows and color regions.  When your creation is complete, it can be used as an image in the viewport or exported as a .JPG file.


Creating animations in SOLIDWORKS Composer is easy! Simply drag the starting state and ending state of your desired animation into the timeline.  SOLIDWORKS Composer connects the dots and quickly creates a fluid animation linking the two. Animations can include a breadth of different actor types, including parts, labels, the digger, measurements and more, allowing you to walk your viewers through all aspects of your assembly.

High Resolution Images

SOLIDWORKS Composer provides a fast and easy way to create detailed images of your assembly. The High Resolution Image Workshop feature produces great-looking photos while providing you with control of the resolution, the desired file size, printer DPI and much more. Anti-aliasing and alpha channel effects are available as well.

Export Images for the Web

Allow users to navigate your assembly in 3D space, select views, play animations and more. With SolidWorks Composer, you can quickly export your technical documents and make them ready for mass distribution. Your files can be created in SOLIDWORKS provided default templates, or can be embedded in your own templates for additional customization.


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