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8 Reasons to Choose SolidCAM

The Alignex Team on July 5, 2017 at 2:45 PM


SolidCAM is the premier CAM software option for the CNC and manufacturing professional using SOLIDWORKS. It provides an unparalleled level of power, ease of use plus a seamless single-window integration with SOLIDWORKS.

Our customers say that SolidCAM makes their CNC machines far more profitable and competitive than they could ever imagine. It does that by increasing cutting speed and devouring hard material – even with the smallest cutting tools. Plus it increases tool life dramatically!

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should choose SolidCAM today: 

  1. It's Powered by iMachining Technology
    A subscription to SolidCAM gives you access to the revolutionary new iMachine software. iMachine optimizes tooling angles and speed values to cut down on production time, minimize material wastes, and extend the life of your tools. 

  2.  Always Stay Up to Date
    Since SolidCAM and SOLIDWORKS are GOLD Partners, it is tested and optimized to work with every new edition SOLIDWORKS releases – assuring you’ll always have the latest version possible. 

  3. Eliminate Import/Export Problems
    Since SolidCAM allows you to work directly inside SOLIDWORKS, there will never be the need to import your files from another program, saving both time and frustration.  

  4. Full Associativity 
    If anyone in your organization updates a CAD design, a notification will be sent directly to the CNC Programmer. Once approved, the CAM file will update and synchronize all toolpaths automatically, which eliminates the need to go through and update every file manually. 

  5. Familiarity 
    SolidCAM is designed to work within the programs you are using in SOLIDWORKS, eliminating the need to adjust to two different interfaces while working.

  6. Ease of Use
    SolidCAM does not have any CAD tools itself, instead relying exclusively on SOLIDWORKS to do all of the design work. Eliminating the need to learn two different sets of CAD tools. 

  7. It Grows With You
    Never worry about having to find another CAM software again. With scalable packages for all CNC machine types, you can update your SolidCAM package to include whatever applications you need. 

  8. Community Support
    Should you ever have any questions or looking for tips, the SolidCAM community offers a plethera of tools to help. There are hundreds of training videos, PDFs, forums, and quick reference guides just a click away. You can also contact Tech support by phone or email to get prompt answers directly from the publisher themselves. 

Interested in learning more? Alignex offers a variety of SolidCAM resources that can help speed up your development time. Contact us to find out how you can integrate SolidCAM into your workplace and start saving today. 

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