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A Sneak Peek at the New User Interface of SOLIDWORKS 2016

Mack Rasmussen on September 22, 2015 at 8:03 AM


One of the big changes for SOLIDWORKS 2016 is a facelift of the user interface.

One of the first things you will notice about the software when you open it for the first time is a new look and feel. One of the primary reasons for the UI redesign is to fully support ultra-high resolution large format (4K) displays.

New User Interface Redesign of SOLIDWORKS 2016

Most icons are similar to previous icons, but with crisper lines that improve readability and recognition. The new LARGE ICON size is very easy on the eyes with an ultra-high resolution display.

New Larger Icons in SOLIDWORKS 2016

Plus the new icon color scheme and use of highlights are easier to identify for color-blind users.

The location of icons on the CommandManager and toolbars has not changed.

Another new interface change is the ability to expand the PropertyManager Input Boxes in the Feature Manager, when you have selected more items than fit into the standard area.

Expand PropertyManager Input Boxes in SOLIDWORKS 2016

My favorite change to the user interface in SOLIDWORKS 2016 is the new shortcut key for moving the CONFIRMATION CORNER to wherever your cursor is on the screen. Once again, this is extremely helpful for a large, high-resolution display, as it keeps mouse travel to a minimum!

Here you can see I am editing a sketch on a part and when done, rather than having to mouse way over to the upper right of the screen to the CONFIRMATION CORNER to click exit sketch, I can now just click the “D” key (that’s the key that SOLIDWORKS uses by default in 2016) and up pops a simple quick pick menu of OK or Cancel etc. – wherever your cursor happens to be.

New SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface Enhancements

These are just a few of the new user interface enhancements to 2016. Come to one of our 2016 rollout events near you to see much more and even get some hands-on time with the new version! Plus, don't forget to subscribe to the Alignex Blog to get content like this delivered straight to your inbox. 


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