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A SOLIDWORKS Story - Landscape Structures

The Alignex Team on February 13, 2020 at 11:30 AM


Founded in 1971, Landscape Structures has a long-standing history of innovating play. They believe every child is created equal, which is why they create play environments using inclusive playground equipment that welcomes kids and families to learn, play and grow together.

From design to manufacturing, safety to sustainability, efficiency to accessibility, Landscape Structures continues to lead the playground industry design on innovation and quality construction. 

"We started to look toward Composer because we finally made the jump completely into SOLIDWORKS. After we made that jump we had a 100% modeling initiative so that everything was included in those models. Once we had that we finally had the engineering data to use Composer," said Derek Sebesta, Technical Business Operations Specialist at Landscape Structures. 

With the help of Alignex, Landscape Structures has been able to streamline their installation guides, making it easy for anyone to take part in the install process without any training needed beforehand. 

"(Composer) allowed us to free up our engineers and designers to actually do engineering and designing work." said, Sebesta. "When we got Composer installed we had about eight people on the custom engineering team and one tech writer that was doing installs. During that time some of engineers were doing their own installs as well. Since we have installed and have been working with Composer, we've gone from eight to twenty-four engineers and designers who are also not doing any of their own installs."

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