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A SOLIDWORKS Story - McNeilus

The Alignex Team on April 16, 2020 at 11:30 AM


McNeilus is North America’s market share leader in refuse and concrete mixer trucks. Since 1970, the McNeilus commitment has been the same: to listen to the customer and never stop improving the products and services that help them face the challenges of a demanding business.

That commitment leads to the research, testing, analysis, design and quality manufacturing that drive McNeilus trucks to deliver performance that sets the standard for reliability and durability.

"Prior to us getting Composer we outsourced a lot of our technical publications. Our service manuals, our parts manuals, operators manuals," said Casey Arnold, Technical Publications Coordinator at McNeilus. "Some of the high level initiatives for us bringing (our documentation) in house was upper management wanted us to have a quicker turnaround time and have more control over how things looked. Bringing it in-house and having Composer really allowed us to do that." 

Through their partnership with Alignex, McNeilus was able to bring their technical documentation 100% in house. It also led to the creation of their full online parts store Street Smart Parts by McNeilus

"Some of the obvious advantages that Composer provided for us was our ability to take a bunch of different assemblies and combine them into one. Instead of having five or six different illustrations, we have one that covers all of those. That and being able to update content quickly and easily is a huge advantage for us," said Arnold. 

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