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Alignex Hosts Model Mania at Minneapolis SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch Event

The Alignex Team on October 27, 2016 at 7:47 AM


Are your modeling abilities a cut above the rest? Every year at SOLIDWORKS World design engineers from around the country test their skills and compete during a live Model Mania Contest. In 2015, Alignex customer Nick Vande Waerdt from Kooima won 1st place at SOLIDWORKS World. 

This year at our Minneapolis SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch Event, we thought we’d have a little competition of our own!

The object of our Alignex Model Mania Contest was to use tools new to SOLIDWORKS 2017 to complete four separate design challenges. All the components were a part of a wireless router assembly. Designers had 10 minutes to complete the challenges and were awarded points for both completing the challenges and for using the intended 2017 features.


The Challenges

Challenge 1 required participants to implement a circular pattern. The intended 2017 feature to use was a circular pattern in TWO directions. Previously users could only pattern in a single direction, which would necessitate more instances that would only be skipped anyway to achieve the desired intent.

Challenge 2 asked participants to utilize an edge on the surface of the model as a reference line for some text. With the new Offset on Surface command, users are now able to select an edge and create a 3D sketch on the surface of a model. Participants were then asked to use the new enhanced Wrap command to do a deboss wrap on the surface of the top cover.

Next, Challenge 3 incorporated a new 2017 technique that allowed a face to be the profile for a sweep feature. Participants were provided with only a segment of the front cover of the assembly. Once they had mirrored the solid body and created a sketch path, they had to select the face and path to create the desired sweep.

Finally, Challenge 4 required the use of the new SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced Hole feature. Now with a couple simple clicks users can change the hole type from one profile to another throughout the length of a hole.

Check out this 4 minute time-lapse video below for a overview of how the four challenges where completed in our Alignex Model Mania Contest.

The Winners
Congratulations goes out to our Model Mania winnersJoe Foley from Tricam Industries (1st place), Ken Hastreiter from UTM Inc (2nd place), Kasey Pipo from Mutlisource Manufacturing (3rd place) and AJ Santiago from Stratasys, who was the winner of a $100 Amazon Gift Card drawing just for participating in the contest!


Joe, our 1st place winner, earned the most points by successfully using the intended new SOLIDWORKS 2017 features in his challenges. He is now the proud owner of a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise, Alignex backpack and SOLIDWORKS hat. He is currently a SOLIDWORKS 2016 user and has been using SOLIDWORKS for more than five years. Joe is an avid disc golf player and also enjoys wood working and drinking beer!


Attend a SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch Event near you to learn more about the new 2017 features highlighted in our Model Mania Contest! Plus, don't forget to subscribe to the Alignex Blog for tech tips, tutorials and expert advice from our team of application engineers. 


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