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Are You Using SOLIDWORKS Certified Hardware?

The Alignex Team on March 5, 2020 at 11:30 AM


If you are anything like us, when you make a big purchase you want to know you are getting the most out of that product. This especially goes for software purchases like SOLIDWORKS.

One way to ensure you are getting all you can out of your seat of SOLIDWORKS is pairing it with the optimal hardware setup. But how do you know if your hardware setup is holding you back? Well look no further than the SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification.

The SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification is a process in which SOLIDWORKS R&D works closely with OEM partners to identify professional grade hardware and submit it to a series of tests to verify functionality and performance. If it's on the list, SOLIDWORKS has already done all the leg work for you. Buy with confidence. 


As an added bonus, users running certified hardware have the benefit of the highest level of support from your VAR. Knowing exactly what hardware specs you are running allows them to cut right to the heart of the problem. Eliminating a lot of the troubleshooting steps required before. 

If you are looking to purchase new hardware now, or just want to see how your current system sizes up, head on over to the Hardware Certification webpage to find out more. 

So there you go! Having an optimized hardware setup will not only save you time, but also help streamline your design efforts going forward. For more tech tips like this and more, make sure to subscribe to the Alignex blog down below!

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