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Blake Hartje is an Engineering Systems Analyst at Alignex, Inc. When Blake isn’t helping customers with SOLIDWORKS or PDM projects, he can be found in the garage tinkering with his hot rods.

How to Automate Your PDFs in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Blake Hartje on July 25, 2019 at 11:30 AM


One of the most common deliverables for companies is a PDF of their SOLIDWORKS drawing.  For many people out there, the creation of a PDF is a manual process involving a tedious amount of steps, even for those that have PDM!  Let’s add some automation to our PDM workflow to automatically create a PDF of our SOLIDWORKS Drawing!  Despite having the Create PDF task already set up within PDM, there are many of us that are left scratching our heads as to why the PDF doesn’t get an updated data card!  As a solution to these problems, we will highlight the steps to create a PDF data card, create a PDF task, add the task to our workflow, and link variables from our SLDDRW data card to our new PDF card.



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