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Travis Quick is an Application Engineer at Alignex, Inc. Travis spends his days teaching SOLIDWORKS courses and helping customers on the Alignex Help Desk. If he's not there when you call, he's probably playing video games or testing his physical strength on an outdoor obstacle course.

Converting to Sheet Metal: Work Smarter not Harder!

Travis Quick on July 7, 2015 at 2:30 PM


I’ve personally used sheet metal to design fixtures, shield electronics and enclose assemblies. After kicking and screaming, I would usually revisit these designs after the other side said it needs to look “pretty.” 

There are lots of reasons that designs get delayed, pushed back or redesigned. To make sure you’re not the bottleneck, let’s review how we can utilize SOLIDWORKS’ full potential and not just the sheet metal functionality. Depending on the difficulty of the design, it may be simpler to start with solid or surface bodies. We would then continue with a process referred to as converting to sheet metal. It is a simple tool to help us work smarter not harder!


Configurations: Moderation is the Key to Survival

Travis Quick on May 21, 2015 at 10:22 AM


You’ve nurtured your model from concept. You have an intimate knowledge of every fillet, extrusion and sweep. You've accommodated its need to be different using configurations and are now ready to release your design to the world in the hopes that it will be accepted and flourish. It can, and it will. Your model will survive checking, inspection and most importantly time – if configurations were used in moderation.



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