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Automate Your Documentation Process with SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Do you or someone at your company create industry standard reports, such AS9102 or PPAP forms, in order to meet safety regulations and requirements? If so, you’re probably very familiar with how time-consuming and tedious these reports can be.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a new application that reduces the time needed to create inspection documentation. We have customers who have told us they’ve seen reductions up to 75%. It virtually eliminates manual errors, improves quality and reduces time to market.

A few features that are customer favorites:
  • Automatic ballooning of engineering drawings
  • Automatic creation of inspection reports in industry standard formats – in Microsoft Excel if desired
  • Fast import of inspection measurements from CMM or other digital inspection equipment

SolidWorks Inspection Documentation

SOLIDWORKS Inspection can be used as a standalone application and SOLIDWORKS licenses are NOT required for inspection personnel. Also, this application will work with drawings from any other CAD system via PDF or TIFF import. 

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