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The Ultimate Guide to SOLIDWORKS Training - Weldments

Kevin Breindel on March 15, 2018 at 11:30 AM


Welcome to part 6 of our Ultimate Guide to SOLIDWORKS Training series. This time around we are walking you through the entirety of the Weldments course, answering any questions that may arise so you know exactly what to expect that first day in the classroom

SOLIDWORKS Training - Weldments


The goal of the course is to teach you how to build weldment parts using SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software.

The weldment application in the SOLIDWORKS software is so robust and feature rich that it is impractical to cover every minute detail and still have the course be a reasonable length.

Therefore, the focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to successfully building weldment parts.Once you have developed a good foundation in basic skills, you can refer to the on-line help for information on less frequently used command options. 



Students attending this course are expected to have the following:

  • Mechanical design experience.
  • Completed the course SOLIDWORKS Essentials.
  • Experience with the Windows operating system.

Course Design Philosophy

This course is designed around a process- or task-based approach to training. Rather than focus on individual features and functions, a process-based training course emphasizes the processes and procedures you follow to complete a particular task. By utilizing case studies to illustrate these processes, you learn the necessary commands, options and menus in the context of completing a design task. 

Laboratory Exercises

Laboratory exercises give you the opportunity to apply and practice the material covered during the lecture/demonstration portion of the course. They are designed to represent typical design and modeling situations while being modest enough to be completed during class time. You should note that many students work at different paces. Therefore, we have included more lab exercises than you reasonably expect to complete during the course. This ensures that even the fastest student will not run out of exercises. 

So What Will You Learn?

Lesson 1: Weldments
Lesson 2: Weldment Drawings
Lesson 3: Working with Pipes and Tubing

Lesson Breakdown 

Lesson 1: Weldments

 Ultimate Guide to SOLIDWORKS Training - Weldments

This lesson will teach you how to: 

  • Understand how a Weldment feature affects a part model.
  • Create structural members features.
  • Download standard structural member profiles.
  • Manage corner treatments and trimming of structural member profiles.
  • Manage corner treatments and trimming of structural members.
  • Create gussets and end caps.
  • Manage the weldment cut list items and properties.
  • Add cut list item properties using the Cut-List Properties dialog, the Weldment feature, and Bounding Boxes.
  • Manually manage cut list items.
  • Create and manage sub-weldments.
  • Modify and create structural member profiles.
  • Apply material to individual solid bodies.
  • Insert existing parts into a weldment model. 

Lesson 2: Weldment Drawings

 Ultimate Guide to SOLIDWORKS Training - Weldments

This lesson will teach you how to:

  • Represent post-assembly machining operations.
  • Use Feature Scope settings.
  • Represent Weld beads.
  • Create drawing views of weldment models and individual bodies.
  • Create a cut list table in a drawing.
  • Create a weld table in a drawing. 

Lesson 3: Working with Pipes and Tubing 

 Ultimate Guide to SOLIDWORKS Training - Weldments

This lesson will teach you how to:

  • Create 3D sketches.
  • Create 3D sketch planes.
  • Create bent structural members.


So there you have it. If you are interested in reserving a seat for the next SOLIDWORKS Weldments Course offered at Alignex, check out our training calendar for dates and locations. For any questions, feel free to reach out to our Training Coordinator by phone at (952) 288-2627 or by email at 

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