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Control the Length of a Path or Monitor the Distance an Object Travels

Cole McLeod on October 28, 2015 at 11:30 AM


When designing systems, defining the path a mechanism or object will follow and controlling the actual length of travel can pose a difficult challenge. An often overlooked tool called Path Length Dimension solves this challenge as quickly as placing any standard dimension. 

The path can be a closed or open profile. Path Length Dimension can be driving dimensions that control the overall length or can be a driven dimension used to monitor the length of travel while other critical parameters are edited throughout the design.

Path Length Dimension in SOLIDWORKS

Path Length Dimension in SOLIDWORKS

Create a Path Length Dimension in SOLIDWORKS:

Step 1: Select the Path Length tool in Tools > Dimension > Path Length.

Step 2: When initially creating a Path Length Dimension, you will be prompted to select each of the entities included in the path.

Path Length Dimension in SOLIDWORKS

Step 3: Once the entities are selected choose OK and the dimensions will be placed on screen.

Step 4: When the dimension is driving it will be editable to control the overall length of the path.

Now that you’re familiar with this tool, controlling the length of a path or monitoring the distance an object travels will be easy.

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