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Copying Multiple Components in SOLIDWORKS 2016

The Alignex Team on February 12, 2016 at 4:07 PM


In SOLIDWORKS 2016, there are some useful new features to help in moving and placing parts. For instance, selecting all identical components at once can help for a configuration change or utilizing automatic transparency for mating. These allow for a more seamless workflow. But what if you want to copy multiple components at once and retain their mates? This year in SOLIDWORKS 2016, they have furthered the copy functionality to include mates between multiple components on copy and paste.

This feature can be used to copy components that have been grouped together with mates and need to be used elsewhere in the assembly. It’s so intuitive that you may have used it without even knowing. To use it, there are two common methods: 

Method 1:

1) Select each of the parts you wish to copy in the feature tree. In this case, it is a socket cap screw and washer.

2) Click Ctrl and drag into the assembly.

Note: In other cases, you can select different component groups at the same time to copy.

Copying Multiple Components in SOLIDWORKS 2016

Method 2:

1) Select each of the parts you wish to copy in the graphics area, such as the next socket cap screw and washer group.

2) Click Ctrl + C to copy (just like in Windows).

3) Finally, paste them in the proper location by clicking Ctrl + P.

Notice that the mates between the new components are still holding! This technique also works in copying between different assembly documents.

Copying Multiple Components in SOLIDWORKS 2016

Note: The Copy with Mates command is a separate command and will allow for a completely mated part placement.

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