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Everything You Need to Know About SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

The Alignex Team on February 1, 2018 at 11:30 AM


Have you ever wanted a little more flexibility with your SOLIDWORKS? Good news, SOLIDWORKS 2018 is here and so is SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing. With Online Licensing, users have the flexibility to use their seat of SOLIDWORKS anywhere it's installed—at work, at home or even on the road—without needing to activate or deactivate their current machine. 

In anticipation of its launch at the end of the month, we have gathered frequently asked questions into one location so that you can better gauge if SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is right for you. 

Everything You Need to Know About SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing


  • Login to use SOLIDWORKS
  • Flexibility to use SOLIDWORKS anywhere it's installed—at work, at home or on the move
  • Easily move from machine to machine with no need to manually activate/deactivate
  • Sync custom content, UI settings and shortcuts across devices
  • Offline mode

What is SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing?

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is a new licensing model that ties one or more licenses of SOLIDWORKS products to a user’s SOLIDWORKS ID, making it easy to use a license on multiple devices. Users have the flexibility to move customized content, settings and keyboard shortcuts to any machine that has SOLIDWORKS installed without having to manually activate/deactivate machines every time. An offline mode is also available for those traveling or unable to access the internet.

Who is Eligible for SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing?

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is available to all SOLIDWORKS customers using single-user license products. It is targeted for users that need to run their products on more than one machine and do not have SolidNetwork Licenses (SNL).

What Products are Eligible for Online Licensing?

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is available for the following single-user license products: 

  • SOLIDWORKS CAD (Standard, Professional and Premium)
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation (Standard, Professional and Premium)
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics (Standard, Professional and Premium)
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation (included Electronic Cooling and HVAC add-ins)
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical (Schematic Standard, Schematic Professional, 3D and Professional)
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM (Standard and Professional)
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection (Standard and Professional)
  • SOLIDWORKS MBD (Standard)
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize (Standard and Professional)

Is Online Licensing Available for Single-User, Perpetual and Term Licenses?


Is Online Licensing Available for SolidNetwork Licenses (SNL)?

No. SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is only available for single-user licenses.

What are the advantages / disadvantages of using a single-user license with SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing versus a SolidNetwork License (SNL)?

SolidNetwork Licenses are ideal for medium to large sized companies that want to share a pool of licenses over multiple users. On the other hand, single-user licenses with SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is ideal for individuals that have their own license and want the flexibility to use SOLIDWORKS on multiple machines.


As you can see, SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing offers some amazing features that will help you in your design work for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing, contact an Alignex representative today. 

Thanks for checking out the Alignex Blog. Interested in giving SOLIDWORKS a test-drive? Try SOLIDWORKS Premium in your browser with an online product trial - no install or download.

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