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Experience True Extended Reality Design with Exxar

The Alignex Team on February 6, 2020 at 11:30 AM


Virtual reality has done nothing but grow over the last decade. As the technology has continued to improve, more and more industries are finding a way to adapt the technology to their needs. One of the companies doing just that is EXXAR.

Why Exxar?

While there are various approaches to power your Extended Reality experience with SOLIDWORKS, one of the unique aspects of Exxar is its CAD to XR (VR/AR/MR) stream technology. This instantly gets your native SOLIDWORKS data into your favorite XR device, just by launching the model in SOLIDWORKS, without the need to export data to another application or spend countless hours on data preparation. Your data stays completely secure without ever leaving the SOLIDWORKS application. 

Can it get simpler than that?

Exxar users stand to benefit from the following: 

  1. 89% faster design reviews with instant immersive visualization with the revolutionary CAD data stream technology
  2. Reduction in the number of Engineering Change Requests (ECR) through a host of digital tools that help you validate design in the XR environment, with the ability to measure, annotate, break an assembly apart and validate human centric processes
  3. Higher conversion ratios using contextual backdrops and high-end visualization environments to showcase and better engage with customers
  4. Creation of interactive training sequences for human operations in real time without any programming or scripting


Do SOLIDWORKS users really need XR?

Ever felt the pain of having to rely on expensive physical prototypes for 1:1 scale visualization? Or the struggle with communicating design intent to other stakeholders and perhaps your customers? 

Extended Reality technologies bring the power of immersive visualization and natural interaction to your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data. With these two aspects, SOLIDWORKS users benefit from the following use cases :

  1. Design Review: Communicate your design changes quicker than ever with the power of immersive visualization
  2. Design Validation: Reduce the number of design iterations and use interactive tools for virtual prototyping of various aspects of your design.
  3. Sales & Marketing: Tell a more visually immersive story during your sales pitches, bringing your product to life right before your customers' eyes.
  4. Training: Improve training engagement and cut down on training costs by bringing the classroom right to the student.

Experience True Extended Reality Design with EXXAR

Why has XR adoption not taken off in a big way then??

Several challenges like handling native SOLIDWORKS data in the virtual environment, ensuring hardware compatibility, long hours spent on data preparation using multiple 3rd party translation tools and custom scripting, programming using game engines, has really discouraged CAD users from adopting XR. 

Things have changed now! 


XR works for SOLIDWORKS - What has really changed?

Through our partnership with Exxar Inc., Alignex is fully geared up to provide a complete, integrated solution for your SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) requirements, without having to deal with any of the challenges listed above. Exxar is a cutting-edge, enterprise grade immersive collaboration platform, that helps you reduce time to market, save travel costs and minimize rework effort, through the power of Extended Reality.


Experience Exxar at 3DExperience World

Exxar now brings the revolutionary SOLIDWORKS CAD to XR stream technology to the cloud, helping you break down data silos and collaborate across geographically dispersed teams, regardless of the hardware used. All your design stakeholders can now get on an immersive meeting around your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data, with each stakeholder represented by his/ her own avatar. And starting a collaborative session is as simple as joining a Zoom call. The complete immersive meeting with all the interactions and annotations can be saved on the cloud.

Keeping in line with last year’s SOLIDWORKS World 2019, this year’s 3DExperience World also features a dedicated XR Zone. This enhanced experiential space allows engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and CAD and Visualization professionals test drive leading-edge innovations using the Exxar platform.

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