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How to Change a SOLIDWORKS Stand-Alone Serial Number

Cristian Arnold on May 4, 2017 at 10:35 AM


Need to upgrade your stand-alone serial number to a new one or move a stand-alone license to a different computer? Follow these steps on how to change a SOLIDWORKS serial number. These steps must be completed directly on the computer where the serial number is changing.

STEP 1: While SOLIDWORKS is running, navigate to the Help drop down menu and select Deactivate Licenses.
NOTE: Versions prior to 2016 will say Transfer Licenses

Navigate to the Help drop down menu and select Deactivate Licenses

STEP 2: Select the product licenses that are being changed on this computer and insert your email.
NOTE: Product list is based on entered serial numbers in Installation Manager


STEP 3: Continue through the Product Activation Wizard to deactivate the product licenses and verify the product was successfully deactivated.


STEP 4: Open the Control Panel and select Uninstall a program.
NOTE: Windows 7 users may see Programs and Features alternatively


STEP 5: Find the current SOLIDWORKS Installation in the program list and select Change.


STEP 6: Select Modify the individual installation and click Next.


STEP 7: Change the current serial number to the new stand-alone serial number and select Next.


STEP 8: Continue through the rest of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager past the Product Selection and click Modify Now in the Summary page. This will update the SOLIDWORKS Installation to use the new serial number.


STEP 9: Relaunch SOLIDWORKS and wait for the activation prompt and hit Next.


STEP 10: Select the products to be activated, enter your email and click Next.
NOTE: Product list is based on entered serial numbers in Installation Manager


STEP 11: Wait for the new activation to be successful.
NOTE: Product list based on entered serial numbers in Installation Manager

SOLIDWORKS will now be using the new serial number that has been entered in the Installation Manager.


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