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Integrate Your CAD and CAM with SolidCAM Xpress

The Alignex Team on April 2, 2015 at 10:35 AM


Program Your CNC’s Right Inside SOLIDWORKS

SolidCam Xpress can be the program that launches you into CAM. With it SOLIDWORKS users can get a completely integrated, 2.5D machining and 3 axis surface machining tool at a very affordable price.

It is great for those who have been interested in taking the next step in leveraging their CAD designs to develop the tooling data in an automated process. It will also allow those who have other, non-integrated CAM solutions to test out the benefits of SolidCAM with SOLIDWORKS at a lower cost. With a no-penalty upgrade path, SolidCAM Xpress becomes the perfect starting point to build from as your CAM knowledge or needs evolve.

High-Speed Surface Machining in SolidCAM Xpress

SolidCAM Xpress consists of the following tools:

  • CAM Manager - For SOLIDWORKS users this is very similar to the feature tree. The CAM Manager holds all the CAM definition and operations needed to create your GCODE.
  • Solid Verify Simulation - Visually simulate your part being cut out with the tooling in a 3D interface. You are also able to see rest material, just in case you missed anything.
  • High-Speed Surface Machining (HSS) - This is very robust technology for this entry level version of SolidCAM. HSS uses industry knowledge to produce tool paths that reduce tool movement. By reducing your tool time (and tool wear) you save money by getting more product out the door. For years many SolidCAM customers have expressed interest in HSS, but due to budget and capacity have never implemented. Now is a good time to evaluate the technology. 
  • Pocket Milling - This feature uses pocket technology to mill inside a pocket with a wide variety of plunging and finishing options. This operation type is demonstrated during the linked video.
  • Profile Milling - Standard pick your geometry and mill. It doesn’t get any simpler.
  • Face Milling - Takes a mill and removes material. You are able to control overlap, lead-ins and lead-outs.
  • Drilling - The most basic CAM tools, ready to go. Best of all, they are right inside the SOLIDWORKS interface.
  • Tool Library - Allows you to save your tools with speeds and feeds to a shared library. Like we say here at Alignex, if you do something once you should never have to do it again!

SolidCAM Xpress provides excellent value for the money. There are no more excuses to prevent SOLIDWORKS customers from preparing their models for machining right inside SOLIDWORKS. SolidCAM has been a Gold Partner product for over 10 years, meaning that with each new SOLIDWORKS update or release there will be a matching SolidCAM update. Please see the video below for a quick demonstration of what SolidCAM Xpress looks and feels like.



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