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Managed Cloud and Virtualized Applications for All Things SOLIDWORKS

The Alignex Team on December 5, 2019 at 11:30 AM


Desktop virtualization has been around for almost 20 years, but its application in design engineering has been limited because graphics-intensive applications like SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS Simulation just didn’t work well in virtualized environments.

Luckily the technology has advanced. Through our partnership with EpiGrid, Alignex can provide CAD and PDM in the cloud with a managed services offering specifically built for engineering and manufacturing companies. It’s a highly optimized, secure solution for engineering that can help eliminate on-premise IT barriers.

The concept is straightforward. A desktop environment runs on a server in a data center, and a user accesses that environment via a browser from anywhere with a good internet connection. They can take advantage of a fully managed cloud hosted solution in a dedicated private environment with 24x7x365 protected access.

Managed Cloud and Virtualized Applications for All Things SOLIDWORKS

So why move SOLIDWORKS users or SOLIDWORKS PDM to the cloud? Companies that want a solution like this want to focus on designing their products, not managing IT infrastructure. They want improved mobility, cost savings and better collaboration. 

But what about the security of the data, the intellectual property? 

Data security can be the critical issue that stops a move to the cloud. This is a valid concern and security needs to be examined closely. Not all cloud solutions are created equally. 

Managed Cloud and Virtualized Applications for All Things SOLIDWORKS

EpiGrid is unique. They brought together a combination of enterprise-grade procedures and a software stack that ensures that your data is safe in your own private cloud environment. Not to mention, EpiGrid manages the entire solution so that your engineering team can focus on design and not get distracted by Windows server administration duties.

Operating in a private cloud also means you know exactly where your data is. This contrasts with the public cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Rackspace – those server resources could be anywhere in the world. This is vitally important because your data is subject to the laws of the land where your data resides. With EpiGrid, all company data stays in the U.S. on your virtual infrastructure and it never leaves your domain.

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