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Mechanical Integration is a Breeze with SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector

Alyssa Batista on April 11, 2017 at 8:15 AM


With the help of SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector, MCAD and ECAD design teams can now work together effectively with a single reference for product design. The Connector provides a managed environment for seamless collaboration between SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS.

When changes are made to the board shape or the positioning of critical components, the Connector transfers these changes between design teams from one application to the other. Notifications about incoming changes appear automatically in the collaboration panel, as soon as a 'Push' is performed by either the MCAD or ECAD side.

Check out this video from Injy Gadalla, Senior Electrical Engineer and PCB designer at SOLIDWORKS. See how Injy can tackle a design change she receives from the mechanical team with SOLIDWORKS PCB.

Video Thumbnail

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