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Perfect Designs in Real-Time with SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer

The Alignex Team on August 3, 2017 at 9:15 AM


Are you interested finding a better way to save and manage your CAD information in a safe, secure environment? If so, SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer is just the tool you have been looking for. Integrating mechanical components into a single modeling environment allows for the rapid creation, manipulation, and modification of designs in real-time. 

In this video, you'll be introduced to how SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer can help you streamline your production process from start to finish. Don't like video? View the video transcription below.


New concept creation is the lifeblood of new product development, powering the organizations innovation engine and driving the development of successful products. To maximize the effectiveness of conceptual design, designers require tools the promote multiple design processes to address the specific needs and challenges of concept design.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, powered by the 3D Experience platform, meets the needs of the designer during the concept phase of design. By removing the constraints of a structured design program, SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer delivers a flexible, intuitive, powerful conceptual modeling environment that enables your design team to quickly capture, develop, and communicate your design ideas, accelerating product development.

Design communication and collaboration is facilitated through unlimited private design communities that enable you, your customers, suppliers, and colleagues to collect requirements, exchange ideas, as well as documenting design decisions and feedback. Keeping all project stakeholders engaged and informed.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer

Once your project design requirements have been discussed and understood, the next step is to generate some concepts. With the speed and simplicity of pen and paper, SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer enables you to quickly capture your ideas using streamlined, innovative workflows making each concept easy to understand for everyone involved.

Intuitive tools at your fingertips enable you to focus on developing ideas and not on the software. Capturing motion characteristics is key from conceptual designs and getting it right at an early stage can save time and money further down the line. Sketch objects behave and move like real components and the powerful mechanism synthesis tools help you quickly define complex linkages and motion paths.  

With SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer the motion evaluation of your concept designs is both quick and easy as you design, while alerting you if your design goals are violated. Motion drivers are quickly created while sensors and trace paths help you understand the motion characteristics and performance of your design.

Every idea you create at the concept stage has value. Each concept is captured and securely stored online. With its built in access to your design communities, sharing your ideas, gathering feedback, and establishing key decision points is easy. Valuable ideas are protected and stakeholders can quickly find and leverage previous concepts with full design intent and intelligence.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer

Saving archives for future use also gives you the opportunity to save time later on similar projects, or merge ideas from many concepts into one. Once all the project stakeholders have decided on which concept they want to move forward, simply retrieve it from your concept archive to move the design process forward. 

At any stage of the design process 2D concepts can be rapidly evolved to detailed 3D concept designs with automatic mapping of sketch relations into assembly mates and motion drivers without the traditional constraints of assembly structures. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer delivers a fast and efficient hybrid modeling environment that combines the benefits of history free modeling in a unique way, resulting in a highly flexible and interactive design environment.

Components from suppliers and preexisting designs can be reused and mated into position with ease. With direct editing, wasted design time is eliminated as you never have to start over or drastically rework designs to make an underlining change. Just simply push or pull the selected faces on your design and the change is applied instantly. And just like with the 2D layout, the performance of your 3D concept design can be fully validated, ensuring that your design is fit for purpose. 

Innovative conceptual design is the core of any successful product. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, powered by the 3D Experience platform, removes the constraints of structured design programs and gives you a flexible, intuitive, powerful modeling environment. Enabling your design team to quickly develop, capture, and communicate your design ideas to help accelerate development, lower costs, speed time to market, and build your market share


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