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Save Time with DriveWorks Quick Tips

The Alignex Team on October 26, 2017 at 11:30 AM


Check out our new library of Design Automation and Product Configuration videos! Each video is 90 seconds or less so you can get up to speed quickly, or pause after each step to learn at your own pace. These 12 Quick Tips videos cover topics from custom properties and form templates to advanced feature parameters and specification test mode.

Whether you’re looking at what’s possible with DriveWorks or need a refresher on a feature you haven’t used in a while, these videos take you through the automation tools that can help you get back to work on what’s truly important – your designs. 


Quick Tip Library 

1 - Custom Properties
2 - Replace Feature
3 - Calculation Tables
4 - Form Templates
5 - Changing a Skin
6 - Export to Table
7 - Form Decisions
8 - Model Insight
9 - Setting Up an Email Server
10 - Specification Test Mode
11 - Advanced Feature Parameters
12 - Search and Replace Rules

1 - Custom Properties
Whether it's a part, an assembly, or a drawing, control anything from text to color. 


2 - Replace Feature
Why create a whole new design just for a product with multiple configurations? Find out how to use the same design for a variety of different projects in just seconds. 


3 - Calculation Tables
Remove redundant variables with calculation tables and allow user input and data to take the place of using several similar variables.


4 - Form Templates
Boost up the professional appearance of your forms with custom templates.


5 - Changing a Skin
Another feature that allows you to make your project look more professional is custom skins. Learn how to take your project to the next level.

6 - Export to Table
Use the Export to Simple Table document to build up a database quickly and easily.


7 - Form Decisions
Control the flow of a project for your users with Form Decisions.

8 - Model Insight
Place pause points, monitor the process of model generation and evaluate the time spent during each step of the model generation. 

9 - Setting Up an Email Server
Follow these 5 steps to quickly set up an email server in DriveWorks Pro -create email, configure autopilot settings, configure test email, start autopilot and receive email.

10 - Specification Test Mode
Test program components not available in form test mode and monitor specifications as you progress from one part to the next. 

11 - Advanced Feature Parameters
Capture components of parts and gain more control over your SOLIDWORKS models. 

12 - Search and Replace Rules
Find all the rules that need to be replaced in just a few clicks with Search and Replace Rules. 


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