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6 Ways SOLIDWORKS Composer Streamlines Your Production Process

The Alignex Team on June 16, 2017 at 8:45 AM


You put significant time and money into developing your products and want to be sure that they are assembled correctly and quickly on the shop floor. So how do you make sure that your customer's first experience is a good one?

Here are some of the top ways SOLIDWORKS Composer can streamline technical communications at your company:

1. Make Marketing Happen Without Engineering Dependency

Free your engineering staff from taxing requests from marketing that slow the progress of innovation. Leveraging the same 3D models as engineering, SOLIDWORKS Composer utilizes engineering data and allows technical communications, such as technical documents, images and website collateral, to be created by non-technical personnel.

2. Reduce Manufacturing Risk by Providing Powerful Visual Instructions

Eliminate confusion in manufacturing with comprehensive interactive guides for your production staff. As a best practice, companies using 3D publication tools can greatly increase clarity of instruction thus reducing error.


3. Allow Customers to Interact With and Understand Your Product Intent

Communicate the true value of your product by removing obstacles that inhibit proper visualization. From pivoting a 3D assembly to hovering over a BOM to identify parts, interaction builds understanding. 

SOLIDWORKS Composer BOM Dynamic Highlighting

4. Paralleling Marketing and Product Development Brings Products to Market Faster

Creating rich technical content to support your engineering project is usually required for final delivery and is the last item to be created. With SOLIDWORKS Composer, changes to your products can be communicated to your market while you are still engineering, so you are ready for opportunities. By moving the position of the technical content creation concurrent to design it becomes a working image, rather than an afterthought.

Production Timeline Without SOLIDWORKS Composer

Production Time with SOLIDWORKS Composer

5. Give Autonomy to Your Technical Publications and Fulfill Customer Requirements More Efficiently

Modern logistics require the versatility to provide external or internal complex technical documentation with ease. Depending upon certain customer requests, content can be easily modified using the adjustment tools which offer control over the look, position and environment of the product.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Adjustment Tools

6. Leverage and Enhance Your Web Presence

Convert your website traffic into well-informed buyers with complex, interactive, and intuitive online documentation capabilities. Fewer errors will move the focus from liability and fit-form-function to profit potential.

Interested in learning more? Learn how else you can streamline your workflow, reduce development time and costs, and obtain the information you need at exactly the right time to make better design decisions. 

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2015 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Streamlining Product Development with SOLIDWORKS Composer


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