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SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids - The Next Generation of STEM

The Alignex Team on March 3, 2016 at 8:18 AM


At SOLIDWORKS World 2016 last month, the SOLIDWORKS Education team launched a new way get kids interested in STEM - SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

Targeted at kids ages 4-14, the goal is to provide a fun, accessible tool that gets kids excited about science, art and design. By empowering kids to explore their creativity through STEM at an early age, SOLIDWORKS hopes to invest in the future of the engineering industry as a whole. 


With a simple, intuitive interface, the powerful design capabilities of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software are broken down into a cohesive collection of engaging and easy-to-use apps. When used together, the apps guide kids through the different stages of design workflow without them even realizing it. These 6 “bite-size” apps include:

Capture It - Gather ideas to use as inspiration for the start of a design story.

Shape It - Turn any idea into a 3D creation.

Style It - Add style to the creation with colors, stickers, designs, and more.

Mech It - Construct fun mechanisms to make things move.

Show It - Show off a design by telling its story.

Print It - Bring a creation to life by printing it in 2D, 3D, or other project-based formats.

And there it is! Overall, the response from parents and SOLIDWORKS users has been overwhelmingly positive. Although not available quite yet, Apps for Kids beta testing is set to start early this spring (soon!) and be released with the SOLIDWORKS Education Edition Academic Year 2016-2017 later this spring.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids website for more information or to sign your child up for the Beta program. And don’t forget tosubscribe to the Alignex Blogto get news like this delivered straight to your inbox.


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