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How to Create Your SOLIDWORKS ID: Part 2

Jackie Yip on May 28, 2020 at 11:30 AM


In the previous blog, the journey began with creating a new SOLIDWORKS ID.

One of the great things a SOLIDWORKS ID offers, is the ability to access a variety of different content that fits your specific needs.  Whether it’s asking questions, learning new tools, or joining a new community, your SOLIDWORKS ID is the foundation to getting started.  We’ll highlight the key areas to visit with the newly created SOLIDWORKS ID and how it’ll continue to provide users with the best resources available.

Web Resources

Customer Portal

The customer portal is the main hub that links the customer to many technical resources.  Some of the key areas to check out include:

  • Knowledge base – Search engine to get feedback about the SWX product and to check for solutions for common issues

  • Submitting enhancement requests – Allows users to submit ideas for product improvement in future releases

  • Downloading the SWX installation media – Get the latest releases that are all organized by version and service pack

  • CAD Admin Dashboard – Ability to monitor the hardware performance and settings of all computers using SolidWorks at your company.

  • Free forum-driven community to connect with other SWX users around the world.

How to Create Your SOLIDWORKS ID

To access the content, make sure you’ve registered your SWX product in the steps provided in the previous blog.


My.SOLIDWORKS is another multi-purpose website that lets users access content specific to helping you leverage your skills as a SolidWorks user.  To help improve your skills as a user, here are some of the tools to check out:

  • Hours of training content ranging from basic tip & tricks, learning paths on specific subject matter, and certification prep videos to help you become an official SolidWorks certified user.

  • Ability to upload and view designs from other manufacturers through the 3DContentCentral

  • Register for the SolidWorks built-in Xpress products such as SimulationXpress and DriveWorksXpress

  • Obtain electronic copies of the training manuals received from in-class training

How to Create Your SOLIDWORKS ID


Your SWX ID will also be used to login to your 3DExperience account by heading to the 3DExperience login page.

3Dexperience is a new collaborative solution that aims to bridge the gap of design and communication all on a single easy-to-use platform.  To learn more about this, please visit our product page

How to Create Your SOLIDWORKS ID

Saving settings & Transferring Licenses

In addition to visiting various websites, the SOLIDWORKS ID can now restore settings and transfer licenses seamlessly within the SOLIDWORKS application.

Synchronize Settings within SolidWorks

Available in the 2018 and later versions, SOLIDWORKS offers a unique login features which allows users to carry-over all of your SOLIDWORKS customizations to different computers.  The settings can then be downloaded once signed into a different system.  To do so:

  1. Login with your SOLIDWORKS ID
  2. Select the System Options
  3. Check the options to upload and to download settings at any given time

Synchronizing Settings and Options Across Multiple Machines

How to Create Your SOLIDWORKS ID

Online Licensing

Online Licensing is an optional newer method for moving and sharing licenses across multiple computers.  The SWX ID is used as the main login to access the license information from anywhere which offers greater flexibility than ever before.  To learn more about how this is setup, feel free to visit the blogs below with more information.

Everything You Need to Know About SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

Guide to Activate Your Online License

Now that you know the benefits of a SOLIDWORKS ID, there is never a better time to access all of its content.  Whether you are browsing online or within SOLIDWORKS, you are only a few clicks away from gaining valuable information from an ever-growing community.  We hope that you leverage this resource to improve your skills at becoming the best SOLIDWORKS user possible.

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