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SOLIDWORKS Performance Battle: AMD Ryzen vs. Intel [VIDEO]

The Alignex Team on January 22, 2018 at 2:00 PM


In this 35-minute video from MechFuse Design and Engineering Summit, Alignex's Technical Director, Mack Rasmussen, gives you a detailed look at how to best configure your workstation to run SOLIDWORKS and improve your computer's  day-to-day performance.First, you'll take a look at configuring...

  • RAM - 8BG (Entry Level), 16GB (Midrange), 24-32GB (HighEnd) vs. 64GB (Extreme)
  • Graphic Cards - Nvidia Quadro vs. AMD FirePro
  • Hard Disks - Conventional, SSD vs. Hybrid
  • CPU (Processors) - Intel COREi7, Intel XEON vs. AMD Ryzen

Next, see results from a head-to-head SOLIDWORKS performance battle between the chipset incumbent Intel and the new contender AMD Ryzen.

What did we test and how did we test it?

We ran four different SOLIDWORKS Benchmarks on SOLIDWORKS, CFD/Flow, Visualize and Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis.

  1. SOLIDWORKS - Mostly single threaded and also test overall system throughput
  2. CFD / FLOW - Massively computationally intensive and also multi-threaded
  3. Visualize - Massively computationally intensive and also *VERY* multi-threaded
  4. Non-linear Dynamic - Massively computationally intensive and also somewhat multi-threaded

To complete the tests, we used four different processors including Core-i7 7700K, Core-i7 5820K, Xeon E5 1620 and Ryzen 1700.

  1. Core-i7 7700K - High end Intel Core-i7 (4.2 Ghz / 4 cores)
  2. Core-i7 5820K - Mid range Intel Core-i7 (3.3 Ghz / 6 cores)
  3. Xeon E5 1620 - High end Xeon (3.5 Ghz / 4 cores)
  4. Ryzen 1700 - Low end of the Ryzen architecture (3.0 Ghz / 8 cores)

Finally, all machines were configured with 32GB RAM, the same SSD, Quadro P2000 graphics and MS Windows 10. 

SOLIDWORKS Performance Battle: AMD Ryzen vs. Intel

So who won the performance battle? Watch the full video above for details on the results! Plus, check out our SOLIDWORKS System Requirements compatibility charts to see a complete list of supported products.

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