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SOLIDWORKS Performance Test: How Fast is Your Hardware?

Sam Oanes on April 19, 2017 at 3:10 PM


Feel like your SOLIDWORKS is running a little slow? Try the SOLIDWORKS Performance Testwhose primary goal is to benchmark how fast your computer can complete SOLIDWORKS-related tasks. 

With this test, you can obtain tangible metrics that can help in understanding how well your hardware performs relative to expected benchmarks. This will aid in knowing areas of improvement for future hardware purchases and allows you to compare your performance score with other users on the SOLIDWORKS Share Your Score site. 


The test pushes the computer into hardware-intensive tasks in order to receive better information on limitations. Standard, out-of-the-box settings are used to ensure consistency.

Test Components Include:

  • Processor
  • Graphics
  • I/O
  • Rendering
  • RealView Graphics Performance
  • Simulation (if installed)

Download the latest version of our SOLIDWORKS Performance Test Guide to learn more about the test components, how to run the Performance Benchmark Test and how to interpret the test results.

SOLIDWORKS Performance Test Guide from Alignex

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