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The Best STEM Gifts of 2018

Kevin Breindel on December 6, 2018 at 11:30 AM


Hey you! Yeah you. Have you looked at the calendar recently? Christmas is less than 3 weeks away, which means we have officially hit the 2 minute warning of the holiday shopping clock. Lucky for you, whether you waited till the last minute, or you are just looking for a few more presents to put under the tree, Alignex has you covered.  

I present to you our breakdown of the best STEM gifts this holiday season. They are all fun, engaging, educational and most of all, offer you the best chance possible of getting your kids to stop playing Fortnite for like, 2 seconds. Enjoy!

Ages: 3 & Up


Magnetic Building Tiles 

OK the actual product write-up for these is a bit NSFW. There's a lot of talk about superior materials, high transparencies and smoothness to the touch.  Unnerving marketing talk aside, these things are great. They look sweet, the built in magnets keep your work from crashing down with a slight breeze and there are about a billion expansions you can pick up later. It's like giving your kid a +2 boost to their Intelligence skill during character creation. Get them now. ($60)


Ages: 4-10


Shifu Orboot

I totally used to have something like this on our family desktop as a kid. This one is so much better. Gone are the giant CD ROM drive and the snails pace processing speed. Using the App based UI, kids are able to discover over 1000 facts and features about the people and places that occupy this here planet. An awesome gift for the young adventurer in your household. Doubles as a hilarious gag gift for that flat earther in your life.  ($60)


Ages: 6 & Up


Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Harry Potter fans rejoice! You can now do real magic! Well, you can pretend to do real magic on an app after doing entry level coding that only really shows up on an iPad screen. OK maybe this isn't really as cool as it sounds if you are an adult, but if you are child 6 and up this thing is a fun as a fizzing whizzbee. 5 stars.  ($100)


Ages: 5-9



Jurassic World Playeontology Kit

You know what is awesome? Dinosaurs. You know what is even more awesome? Having a statue on your desk of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. You know what is even awesomer? Being able to say you "excavated" that Tyrannosaurus Rex yourself. A fantasticly fun gift 65 million years and five movies in the making. ($30)


Ages: 8 & Up


Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

So your kid wants to be an Avenger? Well give them that very gift this holiday season. Combining basic coding, robotic assembly and a sweet Iron Man aesthetic, your child will be a genius, billionaire, playboy in no time. The best part? No-grown ups needed. So sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee while your kids complain about how half-assed the instructions are.  ($150)


Ages: 8 & Up



The Great Treehouse Engineering Adventure

Have your kids been clambering about wanting to go on an expedition of Borneo? Well look no further. Following the adventures of young engineer Pepper Mint, your children will participate in a number of projects and experiments while learning all kinds of simple engineering concepts along the way. It's a story-based STEM game that will allow your kids to explore the lush beauty of the rainforest without having to worry about literally everything trying to kill them. Who can say no to that? ($40)


Ages: 14 & Up


Maxxrace DIY Mini Racing Drone 

So you child says they want a drone? Well before you make the $200 plunge into a hobby that might not stick, why not try this beginner level kit? Quick to learn, easy to maintain, this drone is the perfect starting point for that young aviation enthusiast you have crashing in the spare bedroom. Worst case scenario they fly it right into the flat screen, but I mean that's like....the worst case. Must buy. ($35)


Ages: 14 & Up


SunFounder Smart Video Car Kit

Who didn't have a remote control car growing up? Yeah, they were garbage and died 2 days after you bought them, but you have to agree those 48 hours were simply glorious. This one is a little different as it leaves all the assembly, programming and operation to you. Yeah, there is a small chance that they were just trying to pass off some of the production costs to the consumer in the name of science, but who cares? This thing is sweet. ($100)


Ages: Too Old to Be on this List


Lego Ideas Voltron

Uhhh OK, I know it says 16+ on the box, but who are they kidding? This is 1000% targeted to fools like me who grew up in the 80's and played with their own Voltron toys back in the day. Even if you didn't, it's a super robot, made up of smaller robots, that come together and fight to defend the universe. I challenge you to write a cooler sentence than that. Go ahead, I'll wait...... ($180) 


So there you go my procrastinating friends. A full list of tools and toys that are sure to populate the memories of your children for years to come. And if not, well at least they were forced to sit down and learn something for 5 minutes instead of digesting pointless information on their phones. That's always a win if you ask me. 

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