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Top Ways to Have Better Control Over Your Data

The Alignex Team on July 17, 2015 at 1:02 PM


Find the files you're looking for, collaborate in real-time, stay compliant and reduce liability with Product Data Management (PDM) solutions.

1. Search Intuitively, Find it Now and Re-Use What You Have

How many hours per year does your company spend searching for files? You can get that time back.  A PDM solution can virtually eliminate unnecessary searching for resources your engineering team has already generated. It can index key files like Parts, Assemblies and Drawings, along with non-CAD based documents and provide instant accessibility to you and your team.

2. Real-Time Multi-Site Collaboration

True collaboration means real-time use of CAD files with revision control, so everyone is on the same page. With features to replicate data at remote locations, the latest revision is available and recorded regardless of a team member’s location. This feature can even be used to balance work-loads among sites.

3. Realistically Audit Your System and Changes in Real-Time

If a team member wants to know who to ask about the latest fixture sizing change, the built-in record system keeps track of that. Need to find out how new is this design and when was it last modified? This information is built in to the interface of the PDM system. Things like engineering change orders and BOM updates have specific workflow integration features. 

4. Eliminate Duplication and Avoid Confusion and Rework

From engineering to manufacturing, file confusion can lead to wasted time and resources. Whenever a new product is underway in development, it can be crucial to understand the history of the part. To avoid creating parts over again and having them go unnoticed further into production, PDM systems prevent this with features like descriptive search and revision control.

5. Processes That Were Once Manual Can Now Be Automated

Reduce the amount of time engineering spends managing documents. A PDM system can automatically adjust permissions throughout product stages and produce PDFs with details relevant to design milestones. Once a workflow is set, notifications will immediately let the right people know when a part is ready for approval.

6. Facilitate Compliance and Accountability

Compliance with industry and government regulations is critical. Not only do product data management systems keep track of your designs, revisions and supporting data they can also be a key contributor to compliance with regulatory requirements. Things like a central data repository and electronic approval measures lead to a close following of guidelines for the FDA, European RoHSand, ISO and more.

7. Share What You Want With Who You Want

Reduce exposure to liability by avoiding oversharing. Adjust Read and Write access so that parts are managed by the group responsible for them.

8. By the Time You Read This, You Would Have Already Found Your File

Some of the top reasons companies move to a PDM system include quicker access to files, better standards compliance and easier sharing.


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