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Ultimate Guide to Simulation Training on MySolidWorks

Tim Spielman on May 14, 2020 at 11:30 AM


When it comes to free educational resources SOLIDWORKS has always offered a wide variety of options for it's users to expand their skill set beyond the physical classroom.
In an effort to help organize some of the resources in one place, we have compiled a full list of the Simulation related training/tutorial videos that are available through MySolidWorks Standard for anyone who has an active SOLIDWORKS license subscription service. 
If you don't already posses a MySolidWorks log-in, you can create one using your SOLIDWORKS serial # and email address at  

Simulation Whats New 2020


Guest Level Access (free for anyone who creates an account)


SimulationXpress Free Training (requires Adobe Flash...recommend opening in Internet Explorer)

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: A Practical Introduction

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Simplifying Geometry

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Material Selection

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Physical Working Conditions

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Reviewing Results


Flow Simulation Overview

Geometry Preparation in Flow Simulation

Preparing Flow Simulation

Running and Postprocessing a Flow Simulation Project

Getting Started with Structural Professional Engineer

SOLIDWORKS Motion Learning Path

Standard Level Access (included with SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service)

Simulation Learning Path

The Simulation Suite of Products

The Analysis Process

Mesh Convergence and Mesh Controls

The Optimization Process

Analysis of Thin Components

Assembly Analysis with Connections and Mesh Refinement

Bolt Connections


The Load Case Manager

Thermal Analysis with Radiation

Frequency Analysis of an Assembly

Fatigue Analysis

Introduction to Nonlinear Simulation

Small vs. Large Displacements

Controlling Nonlinear Simulation

Metal Plasticity

Flow Simulation Learning Path

Flow Simulation Meshing: Part 1

Flow Simulation Meshing: Part 2

Professional Level Access (additional cost $360/yr)

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Nonlinear eCourse

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Dynamics eCourse

SOLIDWORKS Motion eCourse

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation eCourse

SOLIDWORKS Plastics eCourse

Thanks for checking out the Alignex blog! If you are looking for classroom training in your area, make sure to check out our SOLIDWORKS training calendar down below!


Alignex SOLIDWORKS Training Calendar


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