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Working Smarter with Comparison Tools in SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO]

Travis Quick on April 13, 2016 at 8:33 AM


Learn how to use the compare functionality in SOLIDWORKS to identify the differences in your model from one revision to the next. With SOLIDWORKS Compare tools designers can quickly see updates without having to interpret revision notes.

In this video blog tutorial, I'll use a swing arm assembly to show how to save time and work smarter using the Compare Geometry tool to compare document properties, features and geometry results. For a more precise visual check, I'll also show how to use the DrawCompare function.

Thanks for watching! This is just one of many video blog tutorials featured on the Alignex Blog. Learn about other time-saving tools including the SOLIDWORKS Interference Detection tool, the SOLIDWORKS Clearance Verification tool and how to find and repair geometry failures with the SOLIDWORKS Check Entity tool. 

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